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What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provides services online (such as databases, servers and programs, and databases) to provide users with services. Through cloud computing, storing information on local computers is not necessary. Cloud computing allows you to access information via remote servers. Additionally, it can be utilized to store and retrieve data from any location on the globe.

What Exactly Is AWS?

Amazon Web Service can be described as an online service that provides high-performance and cost-effective cloud-based computing services.

AWS is a widely-used cloud service that can provide on-demand services, including processing power storage for databases and content delivery, etc. To help companies to grow and expand.

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If you’re in search of cloud servers or even storage that will host your website or application, You’re searching for the most efficient cloud services. We are all familiar with the top Amazon items, which offer full capabilities. Everything you require from your cloud. Suppose you’re trying to overcome all challenges in life. In this case, AWS provides a range of services that handle everything from storage and computing and social media to marketing and business intelligence quickly. It is also constantly evolving!

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Security and Reliability

Amazon Web Services may be much more secure than a corporation that runs its website or data storage. AWS currently operates several data centers around the globe that are constantly checked and maintained. The diversity of data centers guarantees that a natural disaster affecting one area doesn’t result in permanent data loss throughout the world. Imagine the scenario if Netflix was to have all its documents, content, and backup data centrally located on-site on the day of the onset of a storm. There would be chaos.

Indeed, locating data in a readily accessible location and in a place that hundreds of users can easily access is not a good idea. AWS has worked hard to keep its centers as secret as possible by locating them in out-of-the-way areas and permitting access only on a strictly essential basis.

The data centers and all of the data contained in them are secure from any intrusions and, thanks to Amazon’s experience in cloud services, any outages and possible attacks can be quickly identified and repaired all day. It’s not the same for small businesses run by one IT professional operating out of a huge office.


In this introduction to “what is AWS,” we talked about the concept of cloud computing, what AWS is, and the history behind it. We also went through all AWS services in depth.

If you’re an experienced AWS Architect or looking to enter this thrilling business, registering in the Cloud Architect program will assist individuals of any level of experience master AWS Cloud Architect methods and strategies.

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