The Top 10 Writers of the 20th Century

Writer-directors: the first 10,000 words.

The best writers, the most famous, the worst.

How do these ten writers define the 20 years?

These ten writers, with their distinctive styles and sensibilities, define the era of writers, and how they defined and shaped the modern literary world.

They are the 10,091 most famous writers of the last century.

They define the best writers of that period.

The 10,089 who have written 10,029 books.

The 1,788 who have penned 1,898 books.

Their work, and the words they write, are considered to be the most important literary achievement of this century. 

What do they have in common?

In their work, they are all writers.

Their style is unique, their words are beautiful, and their style is universal.

They have a unique and distinctive voice. 

Who is the 10 most famous? 

Who defines the 10 greatest writers of our time? 

What is the most memorable line in any of their works? 

How do they define “authority”?

The best literary authority of the twentieth century.

In the first hundred years of their careers, they were known as the 10 writers of this era.

They defined the best literary voice of the century.

The best of the best: writers from the Great Depression to the modern era The 10,009 authors of this decade.

They gave us a new literary voice.

The 10 most influential writers of today.

They give us the most influential voices of the next century.

Their impact is profound. 

Why does this work?

The 10 best writers in the twentieth and early 20th centuries.

They were the writers who defined the genre, defined the style, and defined the spirit of the age. 

This is an unprecedented look at how the 20 best writers define and define the decade of 20 years.

They did it with the utmost craft and craftsmanship.

The authors of this list are a testament to the craftsmanship and skill of their craftsmanship that they are not just great writers, they have a special gift for storytelling and storytelling. 

They were writers in their own right.

The ten most influential people of our century: the five greatest Americans of our times, and also the five greatest people of the twenty-first century.

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