New York State’s new cursive-writing rules ‘too complex’

New York state is set to make a dramatic move towards becoming the first state to allow the creation of cursive characters for writing.

The state’s Department of Administrative Services has just announced a move to allow any person to create a new type of writing character.

“Cursive writing characters are the most common writing characters in the United States and are used in many industries across the world,” said DAS Commissioner for the Bureau of Administrative Sciences, James L. O’Connor.

If a person is not familiar with cursive handwriting, the agency said, the process will require a few minutes of reading and an explanation of the concept.

The agency has set a three-month window for people to create their own cursive character, which will expire on March 1, 2019.

It also said that any person who wants to create new characters for a non-cursive writing character will need to apply for a new, separate license.

“The intent of this program is to ensure that the new characters created for writing are not confusing, intimidating or otherwise confusing to other people,” Mr O’Connors statement said.

Cursive characters are used to write information and numbers in cursive.

They are commonly used in businesses, as an input for handwriting analysis, and are commonly found in online forums.

O’Connor said that while it may seem complicated to write cursive, it is not difficult.

“Most people have some basic knowledge of cursives, and if you’re writing a business letter, it’s easier to write it in cursives,” he said.

“There are many more letters in a book than in a computer book.”

Cursive writing is the most widely used writing system in the world, but it’s not very well understood.

“Mr O’Connell said that it was likely the state’s new character rules would be controversial.”

Some people will find the concept confusing, and I understand that,” he told ABC Radio.”

It’s really important that we are open about the differences in cursivial and non-Cursive written character.

“That’s why the Department of Legislative Services and the Department for the Arts are working with us to make sure the new rules are clear and understandable.”

Mr OConnor said the agency would be working with businesses to set up “specialised cursive and noncursive types” for use.

“We’re hoping that the government will be supportive of this,” he added.

New York’s rules will apply to anyone, regardless of whether they are employed by the state or not, he said, adding that a cursive person would not be able to use a noncursor character for a business email or social media posts.

“They can still write business letters, but they won’t be able write a social media post.”

In the case of business emails, we want people to be able [to use the noncursive characters], but in the case [of] social media, we’re not going to be using them.

“Mr Landon said the department had not yet set a date for the new policy to take effect, but that the agency was still working to set the date.


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