How to Write an Email Transitions in Writing

From an email to a Facebook post, it doesn’t matter what the content is.

That’s the promise of transition-in-writing, a method of communication that combines writing, emailing, and social media into one simple process.

The best way to do this is to write an email.

That means that you need to know how to use all three mediums to create a unique message that speaks to you.

The process of writing an email will differ depending on the sender, recipient, and subject.

The trick is to figure out what you want your email to say, then write the text that communicates it.

Here are the basics: Your Email: What type of email will you send?

What’s the format?

What kind of language will it be?

How long should it be and how will it feel to read it?

How does it tie in to your story?

How will you use it to communicate with others?

Who should you reach out to?

How do you choose the subject matter?

The Subject: What is the topic of your email?

What does the subject stand for?

What are your goals for this email?

Are you trying to communicate to someone about something or find out more about yourself?

How did you reach this conclusion?

What is your story or purpose for this subject?

The Body of the Email: Is it an article, an article or a brief summary?

What words and phrases should be included?

What colors should you use?

Are there any images?

What sounds should be used?

Do you have a voice?

Do the sentences fit together?

What about body copy?

What do you want the message to be about?

Is it clear?

Do your eyes and mouth move?

Is your voice natural or do you use a synthesized voice?

Are the sentences long or short?

Are they long or brief?

How would you use them in writing?

The Content: How does your content stand out from the rest of the email?

Do they look similar?

Is there a clear link to the article you want to share?

What kinds of headlines are common to all of your emails?

Are these the kind of headlines that will draw people to your content?

Are your links to specific sites?

Are links to other sites helpful to you?

Do people know about you?

Are people clicking on links to your site?

Are their links going to a page that you’re linked to?

Are any of your headlines relevant to them?

How well do they link to each other?

Are each of your articles unique or related to other articles?

Are all of them meaningful?

Are some of your links from specific places?

Are a few links to different websites relevant?

Are certain links to important content?

Do links to relevant pages of your site stand out?

Is the text and images in your emails readable or easy to understand?

Do most of them look like text in a PDF?

Are images or videos in your email unique to your reader?

Are them easily readable?

Are other text in your text useful?

Are most of your photos in your images and videos relevant?

Do any of them have captions?

Do some of them sound like a phone call?

Do each image and video have a clear caption?

Are captions and images easily readable and legible?

Is a caption or image clearly legible on a phone screen?

Are several images or multiple captions legible in a phone book?

Are many captions easily readable on a computer screen?

Do captions appear at the bottom of your message?

Are every image and text in each email legible or easy for the eye to read?

Are subtitles included in your message or included in the message itself?

Are words and images legible and readable on different devices?

Do images or text appear on the screen of a tablet or phone?

Do subtitles appear at each paragraph level?

Are text or images legibly legible, understandable, and legibly formatted?

Do legible captions or images stand out in a text-heavy email?

Is every image or text legible to someone reading it?

Are only a few captions readily readable on phones?

Are word-by-word and/or line-by‑line captions easy to read on tablets and other mobile devices?

Is each word legible as you read it and legibility is clearly legibly displayed?

Is an image or image image caption easily readable or easily readable in a small font?

Do text and image captions stand out on a smartphone screen?

Is line-of-text captions readable or legible by the eye?

Are paragraphs legible for a person reading them?

Do multiple caption titles legible together in a paragraph?

Are line-break captions visually readable or readable on small screens?

Are multiple captors legible when read by the same person?

Are sentences legible with multiple line breaks?

Are punctuation marks legible that stand out, like the arrow in the picture above?

Is punctuation marked and/ or commas legible without an arrow?

Are commas,

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