‘The Blacklist’ author, director on writing process: ‘I’ve never been afraid to go off-the-cuff’

After writing the final draft of his debut novel, The Blacklist, and getting his directorial debut at Sundance, author, screenwriter, and producer Scott Alexander is sharing his take on how he goes about writing a screenplay, his process for choosing the best actors for his movies, and his process of picking the right writer for a project.

(You can read our interview with Alexander here.)

Alexander, who is known for his work on The X-Files and Homeland, says he was hesitant about writing his debut screenplay for a feature film until he saw what he was getting into with The BlackList, a film that’s not exactly his genre.

“I’d never written a screenplay before,” he tells EW.

“I was going to do a TV series, and I had a script in the works that I wanted to do that was sort of like a sequel to my debut novel.

It’s sort of the opposite of what I’d done before, but I’m really excited about it.”

He tells EW he got a little scared at first.

“There was a little bit of nervousness,” he says.

“And then I think the movie was more exciting than I thought it would be.

And it’s a movie that I had really wanted to write for a long time, and it was actually something that I felt like I was going into.”

While Alexander says he has no plans to work with the cast of the film, he does hope that the film will be an improvement over the original screenplay.

“It was a different kind of a screenplay,” he notes.

“It’s more a science fiction-type thing that I’d written, but with some of the twists that I think are really exciting.”

He’s already looking forward to seeing how the film plays out, and how the cast and crew react to their experience writing a film about a serial killer.

“They’ll have to work very hard,” he adds.

“They’ve had a hard time writing it.

They’ve had an amazing time, but there’s a lot of work to do.”

Watch the trailer for The Blacklists below.

The Blacklists stars Will Smith as Nick Reyes, who has become a serial-killer by killing three people and then a fourth in the process.

The film stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Naomi Watts, and Adam Pally as his victims.

The film hits theaters in November, and the director, Scott Alexander, is also writing the screenplay for the sequel.

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