A poem written without tears

An Egyptian writer has been awarded a prestigious award for writing poetry without tears.

The writer, called Chegg, was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix by the Egypt Literary Society (ELS) for her work on poetry and non-fiction, which was published in January.

“The poem, ‘Door to my heart,’ was written without Tears and was about a person who had lost his heart,” the ELS said in a statement.

Chegg is a pseudonym, and her real name is not known.

In December, she won the Nobel Prize for Literature for her book “The Door to My Heart.”

The ELS awards are named after the ELP (Egypt Literary Association), an organisation that has been fighting for the rights of writers and artists since the 1970s.

After winning the ELO, Chegg was chosen for the Grand Prix.

Elle, who said she felt “proud” to have been chosen, said she had no intention of accepting the award.

“I’m not sure I would even consider accepting the Grand Prize.

The writing is so difficult and I’m just happy to have won it,” she told Al Jazeera.”

The ELO was established in the 1970’s, so we need to change that.

The writers have been doing this for a long time and I don’t think we should be forced to do it for a second time.”

She added that she hoped the award would inspire other writers to work harder.

“If you want to write for yourself, you have to put your own work on paper.

I hope it inspires other writers and I hope people realise that writing is important.

I would like to work for other people’s money,” she said.

Elle is not the only writer to receive a prize for writing without tears in recent years.

In 2013, a prize was awarded to a French writer for “The Laughter of a Laughter,” a collection of poems that was written in a voice that did not contain tears.

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