When a kid wants to write, his writing partner doesn’t know what to do

When a little boy wanted to write his own story, his mother’s partner had no idea what to write for him.

So when the two of them were invited to be writers’ hosts for the World Writers’ Festival, they couldn’t help but write together.

And they wrote.

It was the kind of writing experience that, for those of us lucky enough to live in India, can’t come quickly enough.

The story, titled ‘Tummasam ka Tummasan’, tells the story of two children whose parents, who had been divorced, had a son named Rajabhai, and who, when they were born, were left with no surname.

The son’s father, who is also a writer, wrote about the experience in his novel, but Rajabha’s mother wrote her own story about their life together.

The book, which was written in Tamil and written in the form of short stories, was published in 2013 by Pahlavi Books.

In 2015, Pahlavans first English edition, titled The Tale of the Three Princes, was released, in the first English translation.

In 2016, the Pahlava-Punjab Literary Festival, held in the capital of the state, was named after the two children.

While many of the stories in the books have been translated into Hindi, the novel was released in English in 2018.

In 2019, the author, who has since died, was also a part of the Pahari Writers’ Conference.

The authorship of the novel is now a matter of debate.

Some people say that they were just sharing the experience of their life, and that they didn’t have any input into it.

Others claim that they weren’t aware of their rights and that their children’s story was a product of their own creativity.

But both of them, along with the publisher, claim that the novel itself is a genuine piece of work.

The story has been shared widely on social media, with many saying that the children’s lives were written in their name, and also that the book was their idea.

In an interview to the media, Rajabhi’s sister, Sita, said that the story was written for the children by her sister.

“We wrote the story for Rajabbhai and his father, and they did the rest,” she said.

“I have always loved reading and writing and wanted to share it with others.”

She also added that she has no intention of publishing the book in India.

“No book can exist without the permission of the author and publisher,” she added.

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