How to avoid spiders while on holiday

We all know spiders love to bite.

But can we spot them when they’re out?

And how do we avoid bites while we’re out and about?

This week on Science in Spiders, we take a look at a common but often misunderstood issue that can help you avoid a bite while you’re out in the world.

This week, we’re looking at spiders that like to hang out near the water and the beach.

You might also want to take a listen to this week’s Science in the Spiders podcast: In this episode, we’ll be talking about what the heck is going on with the ‘spider bite’ and how we can protect ourselves from it.

We’ll also discuss the most common causes of spider bites and how to avoid them.

We also discuss how to use spiders as pets and what the future holds for this popular pet. 

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