When Canada opens for business, Canada will be ‘better equipped’ to fight terrorism

The country will be better equipped to combat the threat posed by foreign fighters, the prime minister said Thursday.

The government is making the announcement after a security briefing to Parliament.

“I think Canada is going to be better able to take the fight to ISIL [ISIS] and to the other threats we face,” Trudeau said at the event, marking the first time the Canadian government has made the decision to send troops overseas.

The Conservative government has repeatedly accused Trudeau of taking a “soft approach” to foreign fighters and has warned that sending Canadians abroad will hurt Canada’s relationship with the United States.

Trudeau said the government is reviewing how it has approached the issue and will be able to better respond to foreign governments that recruit foreign fighters.

The prime minister will meet with a group of foreign fighters in the Middle East later this week.

Trudeau has previously said he wants to focus on domestic threats and will take a hard line against radicalization abroad.

But he also made clear he will not be abandoning Canada’s border with the U.S., where about 400 Canadians have gone on to fight with ISIS.

“We will not stop fighting ISIL, because it is the right thing to do,” he said.

“And the way to stop ISIL is to destroy the terror infrastructure that is there.”

Trudeau is expected to meet with President Donald Trump later Thursday in New York, where the two men are expected to discuss ways to tackle the threat of ISIS.

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