Writer: ‘I’m a little nervous’

Writer: I’m just hoping that I don’t have to go through the experience that we did.

But I can’t think of any experience I’ve had where I haven’t had to go back.

I don`t think it`s a good experience for me to be alone with the writer, especially if you have a lot of writing to do, and I think you have to make time for that.

I`ve never had a writer who is not able to write and be productive, so I don´t think that is an issue for me.

So if there is something that is holding you back, I`m going to tell you that.

But as you say, I do think that it is a little risky to write in front of a crowd.

I do feel a little bit nervous, but it`ll be fine.

So I am very thankful to be here.

I really appreciate the chance to speak to you, Mr. Stiles.

And thanks for the invitation.

Reporter: We want to thank Ms. Dolan for joining us on the program.

The full interview is available at www.morningmoney.com/morningmoney/stories/2014/09/05/article-324914.shtml.

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