NFL’s top 30 most creative writers

When you think of the best writers in the NFL, the top five seem to come as a surprise.

With the current crop of quarterbacks and the wide-open quarterback market, there’s little doubt that there’s something special about these writers who write the best old-school football writing.

Here are the top 30 creative writers in football.

— 1.

Dan Graziano, Writer Dan Greliano is the creative force behind the weekly column The Writer.

His writing is so good, he’s even been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

In his new book, “What Every Writer Needs to Know,” Graziana takes readers on a tour of the writing process and explains how he gets it right.

— 2.

Dan Shaughnessy, The Sports Guy Dan Shaushey, a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is an expert on how to navigate the ups and downs of the sport.

He writes about sports from a unique perspective, and he’s also one of the smartest people in the game.

He’s a frequent guest on ESPN and has written for The Washington Post, ESPN Insider and others.

— 3.

Steve Smith, @SportsWriterSteve Smith is the co-author of “The Complete Guide to Football” and a contributor to ESPN Insider.

His latest book, The Greatest Moments in the History of Football, is the most comprehensive guide ever written for fans.

He also covers every team in the league, and his work is constantly updated.

— 4.

Nick Foles, @nickfolesNFL.-The-Writer Nick Folls is the lead writer on “The Journeyman,” a daily NFL newsletter and the host of “Coaching the Journeyman” on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Foles has written about every team and player in the sport for nearly 20 years, and “The Best Journeyman of All Time” is the latest installment in his weekly series.

— 5.

John Clayton, John Clayton is the author of “It’s About the Numbers: How to Win Football Games by Being the Greatest Players on the Planet,” and a regular contributor to USA Today.

Clayton’s writing is a delight, and readers will never be disappointed.

— 6.

Tim Tebow, @twebow_ESPN.COM Tim Tebows “We Can Play the Game” podcast and his weekly “Tee Time” podcast are both top-rated podcasts on iTunes.

His newest book, titled “We Don’t Play the ‘Game’: How to Play for Winning” is packed with his thoughts on the importance of play and how to be a better football player.

— 7.

Joe Buck, @JoeBuckESPN.

Com Joe Buck is one of our most beloved writers.

He has a unique voice and is able to get a lot out of every word he writes.

His work has helped define the modern NFL, and Buck’s work is unmatched in its breadth and depth.

— 8.

David Epstein, The Writer David Epstein is the founder of The Sports Writers Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional writers with professional opportunities.

Epstein has been a member of the NFLPA and the Professional Football Writers Association, and in his spare time, he writes for Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated’s Sports Writers and Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football.

— 9.

Steve Mariucci, Steve Marucci is the host and co-host of “Joey and Matt” on ESPN.

He co-authored “We Have No Time for Football,” a sports column that he and his co-authors wrote for and

— 10.

Tom Haberstroh, Tom Habersstroh is the NFL columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer and the author, most recently, of “Tom Brady: The Untold Story.”

He’s also the cohost of the weekly podcast “The Insider.”

— 11.

John Herdman, The NFL’s senior vice president of sports information, John Herdsman, is a former player, coach and executive with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

His book “NFL on CBS” is one the best NFL books out there, and it was a huge hit with readers.

— 12.

Jeff Triplette, Blogger Jeff Triplett is the creator of the “The Podcast,” a weekly podcast with a huge following of fans and writers.

“The Blog” has been on ESPN Radio since 2009, and the show is so popular, it’s been picked up by several major outlets including ESPN, Fox Sports and the Los Angeles Times.

— 13.

Dan Patrick, @DM_PatrickNFL

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