The Most Memorable Songs Written By a Female Writer on TV and Radio, Ranked

MTV News readers voted in a poll to find the most iconic songs written by a female writer on television and radio.

Read More »”The most memorable songs written for television and live radio by a woman writer are often not what the writer actually wrote,” said the survey’s lead author, Laura DePace, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

“I’m not saying that women writers are less capable, but they are certainly not necessarily less creative,” she added.

The list of the top 50 most memorable lyrics to songs written and performed by female writers is compiled from an online database.

It was compiled by the National Center for Women in Television and Radio (NCWTR), a nonprofit research organization based in San Francisco.

It included songs by Katy Perry, Katy Waldman, Katy Tur, Phoebe Bridgers, Miranda Lambert, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and other stars, as well as songs written or performed by performers such as Alicia Keys and Rihanna.

The poll found that the top 10 songs on TV by a male writer are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, The Doors, The Allman Brothers Band, Stevie Wonder, and the Grateful Dead.

The top 10 on radio are Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

The top 10 most memorable TV songs by a women writer are “Dancing in the Street,” “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” “We Are the World,” “I Love You, Man,” “How Far I’ll Go,” “It Takes a Village,” “Breathless,” “One Last Kiss,” “My Country,” “The Beatles,” “Tears of Rage,” “Love Song,” “When I Fall,” “Let It Be,” “Passionfruit,” “Little Child,” “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,” “Auld Lang Syne,” “You Got It All,” “Do You Feel Like Being a Woman?” and “Don’t Think Twice.”

The list also includes songs by the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

“The songs that have really stood out as being particularly memorable to me are from the 1970s,” DePacy said.

“There were also some songs that really stand out in the past couple of years, which I think is a testament to the fact that women are not just a part of the music scene anymore, but also are being heard on TV in some of the most exciting music right now.”

She said she hopes that more people are exposed to the work of women writing and performing songs.

“When you’re watching television and you’re listening to radio, you’re hearing about the artists that are writing the songs and the singers that are singing the songs,” DeBace said.

“It’s really a great time to be a woman and a performer in the world today.

We’ve got a lot to offer.”

The NCWTR is also publishing a list of 30 more of the best songs written in the US by women.

“These songs will be written, recorded, performed and heard by female performers, singers and songwriters, all of whom are artists in their own right,” NCWTS said.

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