Why I am not an English major

The most important thing I want to tell you is that I am an English minor.

The reason I am a minor is that when you graduate from high school, you are expected to be able to write an entire novel.

The English majors that have gone before me did not.

I was an English majors, I had all the right credentials, and I did it.

My goal was to write a novel and have a successful career in publishing.

And I did, to an extent.

I wrote a book that won the National Book Award and got my first novel published, but I never had the chance to see it in print.

I thought I would go to the next level.

After graduating from high class, I took a job as a sales rep for a publishing house.

I made enough money that I could live on the $2.50 an hour I was making that I was able to live on in New York City.

And then I worked for a time in New England as a book editor.

That was my big break.

I wanted to be an editor because I wanted a career.

And it was my first real break in publishing because I didn’t know how to write.

My editor asked if I wanted another job.

I said, no, I’m writing this novel.

He said, I’ll just take you on a tour of the publishing industry and see what I can do.

I walked around New England, and every house I walked into had a sign up for a novel editor.

And they were just trying to figure out how to handle all the novel writers out there.

And so, I got to the publishing house one day and I said to the man behind the desk, I’ve got a novel for you, but this is the wrong one.

I don’t know if it’s the right one, but the other one’s great.

He goes, no it’s not, it’s great!

And I said it was great, and he said, well, that’s not the one I’m looking for.

So I told him it was a great book and he walked away and that was that.

But the other editor said, it sounds like a good idea to go get the next one.

And he did, and the next year I got my second novel published.

That is the first time I did that.

So that’s what I was going to do, I was writing novels.

And this time, I didn.

I knew that if I tried to write another novel, it was going not to be as good as my first one.

So when I graduated from high schools, I said I want my novel to be published, and so I started my own publishing company, and by the time I was in college I was doing everything I could to publish my first book.

And by the age of 27, I started writing my second book.

It was a novel about a family and it was called I Have Been a Hero.

And in that first book, I wrote an entire chapter about how I am so grateful that my parents are alive.

They are alive to help me.

I’ve always been grateful that I had a family, and that my wife and kids are alive and healthy.

And there was a lot of heartbreak and sadness in the book.

I remember one of the lines, and it hit me, because it really hit me when I read it.

It said, the only reason I love my parents is because they’re alive.

I know I love them because I know how much they love me, and when I think about my own parents, and what I’m going through, it feels like the only thing I’ve ever really loved them is that they are alive, and they are the reason I’m alive.

And that was so powerful.

I mean, what is the last thing you’d want to say to somebody?

But, anyway, I never wrote another book until I was 27 years old.

And you see, that is how long I’ve been writing.

I’m really not proud of it, because I’m not proud to be a writer.

It feels like an incredible accomplishment to me, but it was so important for me that I did not try to do another book.

That’s why I want every kid to be in a position where they can be a novelist.

It doesn’t matter how great your career is, if you can’t write, you can still be a great writer.

So if you want to get into writing, you should be a literary major.

And every one of these novels I’m giving away for free, and you can buy one for yourself, but every one is free.

If you can read one of them, it will be a tremendous accomplishment.

And if you haven’t read one yet, you’re missing out.

So every kid who reads one of those novels will be in the position where he is.

And one of my goals is to make every single one of you a novelist, because that’s your chance to be the best writer you can be

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