An Indian dictionary: A corner writing desk

An Indian newspaper reported on Wednesday that a corner writing-desk had been inaugurated by the State-run Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Ahmedabad.

It was inaugurated at a function held by IISc’s new Director General RK Venugopal and other top officials of the department, including Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

“We have been using corner writing desks since last few years, but we had to change our way of working after a certain amount of time,” a senior official of IISs Department of Education and Science, Pravin Venugappa, told the newspaper.

The IIS department was set up by the Modi government in 2017 after the Narendra Modi-led government announced the formation of the Centre for Science and Technology Research (CSTR) in July 2017.

“This new department is a part of the new science and technology agenda that is being launched by the new government, which aims to build a vibrant and innovative Indian economy,” Venugapatya told the paper.

The department is working on the implementation of new research projects including an online portal, a social media platform and a digital portal for students.

In May this year, IIS officials launched a new research centre for digital media and social media, which is also aimed at digital literacy.

It has also launched an e-learning portal, which has also been launched under the IIS.

A paper on the department’s website said the new centre is also working on creating a centre for Sanskrit in all educational institutions across the country.

The ministry has said it is planning to set up two centre for language teaching and a centre to teach Sanskrit in the national language.

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