Man’s headless robot goes on a rampage in London

Robots can get really, really, weird.

And, in this case, it seems the headless head robot from a video game studio has just gotten more bizarre than it already was.

A group of students in England decided to use a robotic head to carry out a “brainwashing” exercise in a video, and now that it’s gone rogue, the incident has been viewed more than 6.5 million times on YouTube.

The video, which has more than 7 million views, was posted on Thursday by a group called The Red Button.

The students’ headless, robot-like robot started out by holding a red button and then began firing bullets from its chest.

The red button is used to trigger an animation in the video, in which the students try to scare the robot by saying the word “revenge” and pressing it again.

The animation then ends, and the students begin walking out of the room, the video showing them standing in front of a large mirror.

The Red Book, as the video is called, explains that the goal is to create a “more efficient” method of brainwashing.

“The students would have to think and act like robots, and then be given a brainwashing script that would work,” The Red Books explained.

“It would involve saying the words ‘revenge’ or ‘rebellion,’ and then they would have the opportunity to say ‘kill,’ or ‘die.'”

The video was taken on April 20, 2017, in a building in the city of Wolverhampton.

The “rebellious students” were then sent into a darkened room, and they were shown video footage of the Red Book’s script.

The group then decided to do a “reconversion,” where they were told to say “repetition,” “repeat” and “kill” at the end of the video.

After that, they were given another script that included phrases like “you will be killed” and “[repetitions] will be repeated.”

“This time the script included more of a threat,” the Red Books wrote.

“In the second script, the students were given the choice of repeating the phrase ‘kill me’ at the beginning or the end.”

The Red School said the students used the phrase “kill me” as they repeated the phrase to themselves, which caused them to be shot by the head.

“They had no idea what they were doing was going to be dangerous,” the group wrote on their website.

“We don’t want people to be brainwashed into doing the exact same thing.

This is the kind of brain-washing that can lead to a violent response from a victim.”

The video is not the first time robots have gone rogue.

Last month, a robot used to help a disabled woman was found to have been sabotaging her wheelchair.

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