A Reddit co-founder dies in crash

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian has died, the company said.

He was 56.

Ohanian joined the company in 2014, and was the company’s co-founders and its CEO from 2006 to 2014.

He co-founded Reddit in 2005 and was previously its chief product officer.

Ohanai was a prolific blogger and an avid speaker, with his first book, The Joy of Writing, published in 2007.

He published several books and has been a speaker, including on the subject of writing, linear equations and curling.

Ohani was a graduate of the University of Chicago and Harvard Business School.

He lived in the Silicon Valley area and worked as an engineer and software developer in Silicon Valley before starting the company.

Ohanyan had a passion for coding, particularly in the form of writing.

“He was a genius at programming and software engineering, a perfectionist, a great listener, and a tremendous communicator,” his brother Michael Ohanian said in a statement.

“His work as a programmer inspired thousands of people around the world to pursue their passions, and he will be sorely missed by the company, his family and his colleagues.”

Ohanian was a frequent Reddit user and frequent guest on the site.

He had an estimated net worth of $8.9 billion.

Ohania was married to a former employee of the company and had two children.

Reddit is now run by a new CEO, Steve Huffman, who has also previously worked for Twitter and Instagram.

Huffman was a co-chairman of the startup’s board of directors and was a board member of Reddit for two years.

He has since left the board and joined the board of his company.

His LinkedIn profile lists him as a senior partner at Sequoia Capital.

He previously served as the CEO of Tumblr and served as president and chief operating officer of Reddit.

He is a longtime Reddit user.

He made his fortune from selling an online dating service called Match.com.

He also started a video hosting business and is the co-creator of the popular comedy show, “The Colbert Report.”

Ohanyanian was known for his rambling blog posts and for making comments on Twitter that have sparked controversy.

In February, he was among the first to write on his personal blog that President Donald Trump was a “moron.”

He also criticized Trump for retweeting a video of a CNN anchor who appeared to have been punched in the face by a man in New York.

Ohanies Twitter account has since been suspended.

He joined the startup in 2012, after leaving a company that he founded called Reddit.com in 2006.

He said at the time that he wanted to focus on Reddit because it’s a place where people can be themselves, and it’s easy to make friends.

He went on to say that Reddit was “a place for people to get together, and there’s nothing more fun than getting together and chatting about anything.”

He continued: “There are no walls or walls of any kind on Reddit.

If anything, it’s about being connected.”

Ohananyian founded Reddit because he had “a burning need to create something different” and “an innate sense of excitement about technology,” his statement said.

“It’s an incredibly rare thing to have something so new and exciting,” he said.

Ohannahan also had an extensive blog on the tech industry and was involved in several other companies, including Instagram and Reddit.

The company said in the statement that Ohanian’s death is being treated as a “personal tragedy” and the company is mourning his loss.

The death is a reminder of the power of social media and the power it can have in creating a community, it said.

It is also a reminder that when people can connect, the best way to make a difference is to join in.

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