Meet the Most Beautiful and Unusual Mannequins in the World

Scientists have discovered a whole new species of mannequin.

The newly discovered species of mink in southern Europe, which was discovered in the forests of the Czech Republic, has no legs or feet.

But unlike the average mannequin, it has no arms, neck or legs.

Mink are the only mammals in Europe to have no arms or legs and their only known mode of locomotion is by crawling on their backs.

The discovery of the new species is said to be the first of its kind.

Scientists from the University of Halle in Germany and the University in Würzburg in Austria, found the manneqins in a forest in southwestern Germany.

They named the new mink after their native German village of Hästle, where they live.

The scientists discovered the mane of the species in a site in the forest of the Würzel Forest.

They said the manes were found under an old tree and that they were almost fully developed by the time they reached the ground.

They also said the new mane was much thicker than the average mink.

Scientists say the new mammal is a new species, but the first one of its species ever described.

“We found the mink to be unique in that it has a completely unique anatomy, including the absence of legs, a large neck, an arched arch and the absence on the lower part of the head of any kind of appendages or arms,” said Halle researcher Hans-Josef Hülle.

The new species was named after Halle, and researchers believe it could help them better understand the evolution of other species of Mannequin in Europe.

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