What Is Writing Prompts? It’s About How to Get More Done

Writing prompts are a great way to get more done.

They make it easier to write, and also allow you to express yourself creatively.

And when you can get a lot done with a prompt, you don’t have to spend time looking for words.

The problem with writing prompts, however, is that they don’t let you express yourself in the same way that you would with a novel or short story.

That’s why I love this short, two-minute video from the Center for Creative Writing at the University of Southern California called How To Write Prompts.

In the video, I walk through a variety of ways you can use a prompt to tell a story.

The first step is to understand how to use a written prompt in your own words.

You can then use this to get a better feel for how you can express yourself using a written topic, and how you might think about a prompt when you’re writing.

The next step is about getting more done with writing prompt.

For example, the second step is what you do when you’ve gotten enough done writing a prompt.

That second step, which I call the “story,” is a story, but it’s not just about writing a story in your mind.

It’s about how you tell a narrative.

Writing prompts let you get more creative with the way you tell your story, and they let you think about your own story in new ways.

The goal is to find ways to write your own stories that you can think about and talk about in new and different ways.

So let’s dive into that first step.

The second step of writing prompts is to think about the story.

Writing stories isn’t just about the words.

It can also be about what you want to say.

So in this video, we’ll discuss how to write a story and then talk about what that means to you, how to get started, and the best way to start a story with a writing prompt, using a story about your son.

And, in the end, I hope this short video gives you some new ideas for how to start your own writing prompts.

So, what is a writing prompts?

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