‘Dario Sarri’ is ‘the best manager I’ve ever seen’

Dario Sarris, the Juventus boss who brought Juventus to the brink of European football, has said the Italian national team’s performances this season are ‘one of the best I’ve seen’.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, Sarris said he had spoken to former Juventus teammate Alessandro Del Piero who was also the former coach of the team and added: ‘I was very surprised that they did so well.’

The Italy coach said that the players are ‘ready for anything’ and that he ‘can’t imagine any scenario that would make me look like an idiot’.

He added: ‘[Del Piero] is the best manager that I’ve known, and I will never forget him.’

Sarris said that he has not seen a team in the last decade that has achieved the kind of success Juventus have had.’

We are in the same position in terms of our quality of players, but we are also in a very good situation.

We have the best squad, we have the strongest squad, the most talented squad in the world,’ he said.

Sarri added: [Del Piery] is a good manager, but not the best.

We are ready for anything, even the Champions League.

The Juventus coach, who has coached the national team since 1997, added that Del Piery had the right to leave and said he ‘would never forget the man’.

Sarries said he did not feel that Del Piero had done enough to ‘help us reach the pinnacle of football’, and added that the squad had to improve.’

The way we play, the way we prepare, it’s the same as in the Champions league,’ he added.

The 67-year-old has been in charge of Juventus since 1996 and has guided the Bianconeri to three Serie A titles and three Coppa Italia trophies.

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