Why should the FA be supporting a player’s bid to move to Liverpool?

As Liverpool fans are well aware, Liverpool have a long history of supporting players who move abroad.

For example, Steven Gerrard’s move to the San Siro in Italy in 2006 and Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from Real Madrid to Manchester United in 2008.

There’s also the case of Luis Suarez who, when he left Liverpool for Barcelona in 2015, was rewarded with the Premier League and FA Cup double.

But the most recent example is Raheem Sterling, who left Liverpool to join Manchester City for £40 million in 2016.

And Sterling has become the poster boy for all the clubs that have gone the other way, having scored six goals in 15 appearances this season for City.

So, should the Premier Ligue 1 be supporting the player’s move?

Well, that’s certainly something that the Football Association has been looking at and they’ve taken it up with Liverpool.

So why isn’t Sterling the star of this campaign?

Because the FA doesn’t agree.

According to a report from The Sun, the FA are still unsure if Sterling is the best option for Liverpool.

However, if the FA don’t want him, there are other options available to the club.

For starters, Sterling could be a target for Manchester City.

While the move to City would obviously be the most lucrative for the club, it’s also likely that Sterling will be asked to leave for nothing.

As mentioned, City have a number of other options for a top-flight player, but if they can’t convince Sterling to move, they could look at other options.

Liverpool also have the option of taking the player on loan.

With Sterling already earning a lot of money at the club and the financial benefits of the move outweighing the potential financial impact, it would be difficult to turn down an offer for the player.

So it seems that the Premier Leagues decision to not support Sterling is a step in the right direction.

However it could have implications for other players who are struggling to make it at the top of their leagues.

For instance, the decision to keep Sterling at the Reds may have repercussions for the future of players like Wayne Rooney.

While he’s been in a good situation with the Manchester United and Liverpool clubs, he’s not been the star striker the club has hoped for.

Rooney is one of the best strikers in the world, but he’s also had a bad season this season.

He’s scored just one goal and has scored just two in 11 games for the Reds.

That may sound like a small amount of goals, but it’s the kind of stats that suggest that he needs to improve.

So even though Sterling has the option to leave Liverpool, there’s still a lot to be done for the young striker.

That’s why, with this season’s transfer window in full swing, it seems like Sterling is going to have a big impact on the game.

He could even help the Reds in the title race.

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